• Image of Kiku No Hana
  • Image of Kiku No Hana
  • Image of Kiku No Hana

Kiku no hana (菊の花) means Chrysanthemum flowers in Japanese. Apparently, is a symbol that represents longevity and rejuvenation. The Chrysanthemum is also used in many cases in Japan culture – There are more than 150 seals or mon (菊花紋章) featuring this wonderful flower. The Imperial Seal of Japan is the most famous of them.

In partnership with Oh Honey! Japan, we're dedicating this set to our beautiful friends who made it possible. Grateful for the friendship and bond created for the past months.

This set contains:
1 x Large (35cm by 35cm)
1 x Medium (25cm by 25cm)

Arigato Gozaimas

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