• Image of Banksia Pod
  • Image of Banksia Pod
  • Image of Banksia Pod
  • Image of Banksia Pod
  • Image of Banksia Pod

Banksia Aroma Pods are the seed pod from the Banksia grandis tree native to Western Australia.

They make great aroma pods as they do not require any electricity nor flames, just fill it up with essential oil of your choice. The pods are porous, allowing it to soak up the essential oil and diffuses it naturally.

The pods have been pre-tested and filled with Pure Australian Eucalyptus Oil. Each one of them has a unique pattern and design from mother nature itself.

We have two sizes available,
Medium size (approx 7cm in height) | Mini size (approx 4cm in height)

Our 100% Pure Essential Australian Eucalyptus Oil is also available, simply add on to your cart!

Aroma Pod Instructions
Step 1: Remove the cork from Aroma Pod
Step 2: Choose a good quality Essential Oil or blend & place about 1ml of oil into the pod
Step 3: Place cork back on Aroma Pod
The aroma should last up to 2 weeks - add a few extra drops of essential oil weekly, for a longer-lasting effect.

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