The eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap

プラスチックラップ の代わりとなる環境に優しいラップです。

What started out as an unplanned “craft-ternoon session ”, turned into a business idea when one of our friend shared with us an alternative way of replacing plastic cling wrap, beeswax wraps.

As avid travellers & divers, we've realised the volume of plastic waste each country produces, that are detrimental to the environment and oceans. It is sad to know that our society has turn into a plastic culture of "use and throw" at our own convenience. We were motivated to take small steps towards more sustainable practices and reduce the use of single used plastics.


With hopes to influence our family and friends back home to switch over to eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives, we decided to craft some handmade beeswax wraps for them to replace the use of plastic cling wraps.


Oh Honey! creates handmade beeswax wraps which are sustainable, reusable and eco-friendly alternative to plastic wraps, or better known as “cling wrap” .

Oh Honey! では全て一つ一つ手作りにこだわり、"ラップ"として周知されている使いきりプラスチックラップの概念から、環境に配慮した"何度でも使えるラップ"へと覆す挑戦をしています。

We aim to make that little change in every household, to reduce the amount of single-use plastic and raise awareness by offering alternatives sustainable option to curb our use of disposable plastics.


We are currently base in both Singapore & Japan, crafting each beeswax wrap by hand. We take time and effort to make everything as handmade as possible by cutting and ironing each fabric, to coating it with our own beeswax mixture, to folding and to the packaging, we do it all by ourselves! A lot of love and care is put into all our wraps, to ensure the highest quality. All our wraps are made using only natural products; Certified Organic Beeswax, Jojoba Oil, Pine resin & 100% Cotton, which means chemical free, plastic free and 100% BPA-free!